The Writing River

Threads of thought melt from the high mountain peaks. Drops of ideas seep through spongy tundra, absorbing attitudes, feelings and dreams. From everywhere inklings of schemes and individuals trickle through the pebbles. Rivulets of concepts begin to form as they join with each other knowing there is something grand waiting for them downstream; an ultimate goal.

Philosophies, what if’s and beliefs enter the bubbly crick from all directions. Theories and reflections add their drops of opinions. Spurts of intuition direct the course around and over roots and stones. Falling over a steep face, the creek laughs as air adds imagination and imagery. Splashing into a pool stirs the facts into a plan.

Coalescing into a stream begins the outline of a plot. Personality emerges while tumbling through boulders. Then, the inciting event, a tributary enters the scene muddying the waters with conflicting passion and swirls of intrigue. Conversations explode in a torrent of banter that cascades down a steep gorge. Love emerges as liquid slips and slides, intertwining in an erotic eddy.

Branch after branch merge into the flow, inserting clues that prove or confirm, while others contradict and challenge. The current quickens. It plummets faster and faster toward an unavoidable precipice. A tremendous roar echoes through the basin. Dread and anticipation wrench time and space as the waterfall seems to hang in limbo. The characters speed toward certain death. Crashing into the rocks, they struggle for survival and a semblance of continuity to their lives. They quest for answers as to why life has taken this dreadful turn.

More rapids clog the way, skirmishes that must be fought and won. A flood of whitewater from a side canyon creates a controversy where minutes before there were none. Full size trees float in the river, menacing and silent like a giant, hungry alligator. Monoliths of sandstone loom against the sky the same color that stains the solution to a murky red.

Mindsets converge as the search for answers accumulate. Then something bad happens. The movement drifts to a stop. No evidence is forthcoming. A stalemate threatens to terminate the mission. The quarry disappeared. Hard work ensues to journey across the reservoir only to be met with a seemingly impenetrable barrier. The goal is just on the other side. The enemy is near, yet eluding capture. Think! Where to go? Down, yes, that’s it. Sink down into the bowels of the dam, to the lair of the beast. The undercurrent is sucked toward the turbine blades.

Fight for freedom. Evade destruction. Slay the nemesis. Prevail for the greater good.

The battle is won.

A gently meandering watercourse flows, until the next story begins.